Creamy Burrito Casserole recipe

Creamy Burrito Casserole recipe

Creamy Burrito Casserole recipe

When you are looking for some Mexican food in one simple no-fuss recipe,make this creamy burrito casserole.It is filled with ingredients which will make burritos so appealing,this is even better in a form of casserole. When it's a simple and fast recipe it's therefore worth even trying. Smooth meat along with refried beans, onions, tortillas along with cheese soaking up in mushroom soup and sour cream makes a delish and dense casserole   which will bring you all the stunning flavours of your favourite burritos  available in one dish. It's really a delicious idea for next picnic, or just for random dinner, simply because it will totally surprise everybody who tastes it.


1 lb ground beef
1/2 onion, chopped
1 package taco seasoning
6 large flour tortillas
1 can refried beans
2 -3 cups shredded taco cheese or cheddar cheese
1 can cream of mushroom soup
4 ounces sour cream


Brown beef along with onion; drain.
Add taco seasoning and also blend in refried beans.
Combine soup and also sour cream inside a different bowl.
Spread 1/2 sour cream mixture in the bottom of a casserole dish.
Rip up 3 tortillas and also spread over sour cream mixture.
Put 1/2 your meat bean mixture over that.
Add a layer of cheese.
Do it again and add another layer of cheese.
Sprinkle cheese over the top and bake, uncovered, at 350°F for 20-30 minutes.

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