Pork Carpaccio recipe

 Pork Carpaccio recipe

Pork Carpaccio recipe

Working time:35 min. difficulty: simple 


4  Pork cutlet
8 disc/s  Ham,cooked
10 bar/s Asparagus,White
10 bar/s Asparagus, green
100g Herb butter
Salt and pepper
2 TBSP Fat
1 pinch(s) Chili Powder
 possibly Water if necessary


Share the chips lengthwise, place in freezer bag and pat flat with a knocker. Salt and pepper the meat. Then spread with herb butter. The asparagus in salted water, blanch with a little butter. Then halve lengthwise or quarter, depending on the thickness of the rods. Place the cooked ham and cut to length asparagus spears on the meat. Curled The meat and. Wrap Brown the meat rolls in hot fat sharp. You may pour a little water. Put the lid on and let simmer for 15 minutes in a closed pan. Arrange on plates and serve sprinkled with chili powder. Serve with sauce and grilled best potato wedges or fries as well.

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