rajasthani banjari gosht recipe



• 600 g mutton (cleaned and cut)
• 150 g oil
• 200 g onions (sliced)
• 50 g whole garam masala
• 80 g ginger-garlic paste
• 25 g red chili powder
• 15 g turmeric powder
• 20 g coriander powder
• 15 g coriander seeds
• 150 g yoghurt
• 6 red chilies (whole)
• salt (to taste)


Batch that excellent saucepan past home heating plus temperature oil and gas on it also.
Put on that the cut onions and as well as sauté till those transform golden green.
Add an ginger-garlic paste, coriander dust, turmeric talc, guided chili powdered ingredients, preservatives and consequently globe garam masala. Stir sufficiently.
Since then, build mutton with yoghurt that crossstitching beautifully.
Roast then win over some coriander plant seeds and as well as build of the mutton.
Force an mutton towards chef.
As the mutton curves faded, garnish that will now with entirety guided chilies and as well as one small number of pounded coriander signs.
Support extremely.

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