Fish roll recipe

Fish roll recipe

Fish roll recipe

Preparation time: 15 minute. difficulty: simple 


4 Fish fillet (s) (cod, plaice, halibut, cod, etc.)
Garlic - paste
8 Tomato (s), pickled, dried
Butter, cut in small pieces
2 pics  Lemon (s)
Lemon Juice
Salt and pepper
Butter for the aluminum foil


Per person a piece of thick aluminum foil. Then put a piece of fish on the foil. Spread a thin layer garlic paste, possibly a little salt (be careful, garlic paste is already very salty), sprinkle with lemon juice and pepper on the fish .. then add two-dried tomatoes (if you like, you can also add more) place. Then between the tomatoes  put the slice of lemon (Because of good looks). At the top add a few pats of butter on it.
Then fold the foil so that the resulting liquid can not leak. The fish packets in a preheated oven at 200 ° C and cook (depending on the species and thickness of the fillet) of between 15 and 30 minutes . Serve with a green salad and toast or some rice.

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