egg salad recipe

In the event you’re disappointed simply because some thing as apparently with their straightforward while preparation hard-boiled eggs doesn’t produce that ideal material, here's both the egg-cellent solution.

Initially, although, we have to set the document vertical. The right name is actually hard-cooked egg, not hard-boiled. Precisely why? According on the American Egg Panel: However the chef normal water need to arrived to that complete boil, your pan is actually immediately out of your daily warmth considerably which the eggs chef safely to the sexy-not boiling-mineral water. Even if they will remained to boil ago preparation handle, that you’d get rubbery eggs.


eggs (fully boiled)
2 boiled Potatoes
1 Capsicum 1 onion (thinly sliced into rings)
1 Tomato (thinly sliced into rings)
2tsp lemon juice
salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Finely Chopped coriander leaves


    Reduce eggs to halves.
    Remove your daily yolk as well as mash on boiled potatoes.
    Combine fillers, pepper, lemon juice and cut coriander.
    Fill up eggs refined for the mixture.
    Cater to egg salad on an table garnished with onion, tomatoes, chopped capsicum & coriander.

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