Chicken fried rice recipe

Chicken fried rice recipe

Chicken fried rice recipe

Melted rice will be one rice recipe this started on china getting rid of indo Chinese version has been one of several favored every Indians. Rice sauteed to veggies and soy sauce tends to make that astonishing delicacy. It can be had just by alone without sidedish. Here is both the recipe on chicken melted rice. The formula can be modified become turkey melted rice, mutton toast rice, pork toast rice, beef fried rice and even shrimp melted rice while using the appropriate meat. An meatless versions are actually egg deep-fried rice and then plant toast rice. For egg deep-fried rice, only overlook both the meat and add a variety of eggs as a result of 6. With regard to vegetable fried rice, simply just overlook your eggs and also meat.


Basmati Rice - 2 cups
Carrot  - 1
Celery sticks - 2
(You can also use other vegetables like Capsicum, Cabbage, snap peas, green beans, corn, peas, asparagus etc etc.)
Egg scrambled - 2
Ground Pepper- 2 tblsp
Soy sauce - as needed
Boneless skinless chicken- as needed (canned chicken breast can be used)
Salt - to taste
Chicken boulion cubes(optional)
Ginger Garlic paste - 2 tsp
scallions(green onion) - 1 bunch


Chef your daily rice seperately(1 glass rice : 1.5 bottle water ratio)
Cut your carrot and also celery epoxies using blender or perhaps via palm . And if canned chicken is used decrease the excess drinking water and also cook under the microwave regarding 2
moments and also shred this can.As long while using the new chicken blanch this and demolish that.
Beneath one wok add tiny butter apply ginger garlic paste and then fry both the shredded chicken
Eliminate the chicken through wok at the present leave young more butter fry your daily cut carrot on salt and pepper.
After getting rid of your carrot, fry both the cut celery with butter ,fillers as well as pepper.
Similarly fry both the green onions with tiny butter and then maintain remove.
Now with your exact same wok fry both the rice ,little soy sauce as well as apply your toast chicken, confused egg, carrot, celery and environmentally friendly onions and then fry entirely(bring salt as well as pepper accordingly).
Achieve walk 8 in small quantities to ensure that your favorite ingredient will blended coupled with.

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