Asparagus and shrimp salad recipe

 Asparagus and shrimp salad recipe


1 kg green asparagus
4 pcs eggs
25 g Pininekerne
1 piece of red pepper
500 g peeled shrimps,
25 g margarine
a little oil and vinegar
a little salt and pepper


Toast pine nuts in a pan with margarine yellow gold and leave to cool on paper towels.

Wash and peel asparagus and cook for 5-7 minutes in salted water. Cook and peel hard boiled eggs

Fry shrimp in the pan until golden yellow under high heat

Cooked asparagus cut in half, eggs into quarters and pepper cut into strips and toss with shrimp and pine nuts.

Of vinegar, oil, salt and pepper prepare a dressing, which is mixed with the salad.

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